TZUTIL, or the Time Zone Utility, is a command-line tool in Windows used for displaying or configuring the system time zone. This utility is essential for managing and troubleshooting time zone settings on Windows machines, especially useful in server environments and for users who often travel or work with systems set in different time zones.


The TZUTIL command has several operations, each requiring different syntax:

tzutil /g
tzutil /s TimeZoneID
tzutil /l
  • /g: Displays the current time zone ID.
  • /s: Sets the time zone to the specified TimeZoneID.
  • /l: Lists all valid time zone IDs and display names that can be used on the machine.


  • /g – This is used to get the current time zone. It does not require any additional parameters and is used to quickly check the system’s configured time zone.

  • /s TimeZoneID – This option sets the system time zone to the specified TimeZoneID. This operation requires administrative privileges. Use only valid time zone IDs which can be listed using /l.

  • /l – This flag lists all valid time zones by their IDs and names. It’s used to obtain the correct TimeZoneID needed for the /s option and can be used by any user without admin rights.


  1. Viewing the current system time zone:

    tzutil /g
  2. Setting the system time zone (e.g., to Pacific Standard Time):

    tzutil /s "Pacific Standard Time"

    Note: Administrative privileges are required.

  3. Listing all available time zones:

    tzutil /l

Common Issues

  • Permission Error: Trying to set the time zone without administrative rights can lead to access denial. Ensure you run the command prompt as an administrator.

  • Invalid Time Zone ID: Using an incorrect TimeZoneID with /s will fail. Always verify TimeZoneIDs with /l before setting.

  • Scripting Integration Errors: When integrating TZUTIL in scripts, ensure correct parsing of time zone IDs, especially those containing spaces.


TZUTIL can be combined with scripts or other Windows commands to automate timezone management. For example, in a login script that sets the time zone based on user location:

@echo off
if %location% == "US" (
    tzutil /s "Pacific Standard Time"
) else if %location% == "India" (
    tzutil /s "India Standard Time"
  • Date and time settings can also be adjusted using the Control Panel, and PowerShell (Set-TimeZone cmdlet).

Additional resources and official documentation can be found on Microsoft’s documentation websites, typically under system management or CMD command-line utilities.