Time - VBScript


The Time command in VBScript provides the current system time as a string. It is commonly used to retrieve the time for logging, timestamps, and other time-sensitive operations.






Simple Usage

Dim currentTime

currentTime = Time()

Complex Usage

Dim customDateTime

customDateTime = "2023-03-08 14:33:22" + " " + Time()

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Syntax: Ensure that the parentheses are included when calling the Time command.
  • Invalid Time Format: The Time command always returns the time in the system’s default format. If a specific format is required, use the FormatDateTime function.


  • Use Time with Date to get the current date and time in a combined string.
  • Integrate Time into logging statements for timestamping events.
  • Use Time to create dynamic filenames with the current time as part of the name.
  • Date – Returns the current system date as a string.
  • FormatDateTime – Formats a date and time string according to a specified format.