Split - VBScript


The Split command in VB Script is used to divide a string into an array of substrings based on a specified delimiter. It is primarily used to parse and manipulate text data, extract specific sections, or break strings into smaller segments for further processing.


Split(string, delimiter)
  • string: The input string to be split.
  • delimiter: The character or string used as the separator between substrings.


| Option | Description |
| None | No additional options available.


Simple Usage

Dim myString = "Hello,world,VB,Script"
Dim words = Split(myString, ",")
' words = {"Hello", "world", "VB", "Script"}

Complex Usage

Dim myString = "2023-02-15,John Doe,123 Main St,Anywhere,CA"
Dim delimiter = ","
Dim values = Split(myString, delimiter)
' values = {"2023-02-15", "John Doe", "123 Main St", "Anywhere", "CA"}

Common Issues

  • Incorrect delimiter: Ensure the specified delimiter correctly separates the desired substrings.
  • Empty array: If the delimiter does not exist in the input string, the resulting array will be empty.
  • Incorrect string: Verify that the input string contains the substrings you want to split.


The Split command can be combined with other string manipulation commands, such as Join, to modify or process text data in various ways.

For example:

Dim myString = "Hello,world,VB,Script"
Dim delimiter = ","
Dim updatedString = Join(Split(myString, delimiter), "|")
' updatedString = "Hello|world|VB|Script"
  • Join: Joins an array of strings into a single string using a specified delimiter.
  • Instr: Finds the position of a substring within a string.
  • Replace: Replaces all occurrences of a substring with another substring.