Set - VBScript


The Set command in VB Script is utilized to assign an object to a variable. It is primarily employed to initialize new objects or reference existing ones, facilitating efficient object handling and data manipulation in scripts.


Set variableName = objectReference


  • variableName: Specifies the variable name to which the object reference will be assigned.
  • objectReference: Represents the object reference to be assigned to the variable.




Basic Object Initialization:

Set myObject = CreateObject("MyObject")

Referencing Existing Object:

Set obj1 = obj2

Assigning Object Returned by Function:

Set myResult = GetObject("MyFunction")

Common Issues

Object Not Set: Ensure that the object reference assigned to the variable is valid and exists before using the object.


Set is an essential command for object manipulation in VB Script. It can be combined with other commands, such as GetObject and CreateObject, to create, access, and interact with objects in scripts.

  • GetObject: Retrieves an existing object reference.
  • CreateObject: Creates a new object based on the specified class or COM identifier.