.RemovePrinterConnection - VBScript


VB Script command: RemovePrinterConnection

Purpose: Removes a printer connection from the local computer.

Usage: On Windows systems, where printers are managed locally.




| Option | Description | Default |
| PrinterName | The name of the printer connection to remove. | Required |


' Remove a printer connection named "HP DeskJet 2752e"
.RemovePrinterConnection("HP DeskJet 2752e")

Complex Example: Remove multiple printer connections based on their status

For Each printer in GetObject("Win32_Printer").Printers_
    If printer.Status = "Paused" Then
    End If

Common Issues

  • Printer not found error: Ensure that the specified PrinterName is correct and that the printer is connected to the local computer.
  • Access denied error: Check if the script has sufficient permissions to remove printer connections.


With WMI: Combine with WMI scripting to enumerate and manage printer connections more efficiently.

With VB Script: Use the Printers collection to work with multiple printer connections simultaneously.

  • AddPrinterConnection: Adds a printer connection.
  • GetPrinterConnections: Lists all printer connections on the local computer.