QAppSrv - CMD


QAppSrv is a Windows CMD command used to query the application server list in the current Remote Desktop Session Host server farm. This command is specifically useful in environments where managing server farms is necessary, helping administrators to view the distribution of load and to verify configurations.


The basic syntax for QAppSrv is:


This command does not have any parameters or complex syntax variations, making it straightforward to use.


Since QAppSrv does not support any additional options or flags, its usage is quite simple. When executed, it automatically queries and displays the list of application servers.


Example 1: Displaying the Application Server List

To see the list of application servers in your server farm, simply run:


This command will provide output listing all servers part of the farm, along with their status.

Common Issues

  • Server Not Listed: If a server expected to be in the farm is not listed, ensure that it is correctly configured and network connectivity issues are resolved.
  • Permission Issues: Running QAppSrv may require administrative privileges. If an access denied error occurs, make sure you launch the Command Prompt as an administrator.


QAppSrv can be used in conjunction with other Remote Desktop and network management tools to automate tasks and create reports. For example, combining QAppSrv output in a script:

QAppSrv > server_list.txt
type server_list.txt | findstr /i "server_name"

This script first saves the list of application servers to a file and then searches for a specific server in the file.

  • change logon: Enables or disables session logons to a Remote Desktop Session Host server.
  • change user: Changes the install mode for the Remote Desktop Session Host server.
  • query user: Displays user session information on a Remote Desktop Session Host server.

For more information, consider viewing the official Microsoft documentation or visiting relevant forums and community discussions concerning Remote Desktop Services.