PRNQCTL is a Windows CMD command used for managing and controlling print queues on a Windows operating system. Its primary function is to pause, resume, or clear print jobs from the specified printer queue. This command is particularly useful in environments where there is a need to directly manage print jobs through scripting or batch processing.


PRNQCTL [-x] [ -p | -r | -c ] -j <JobID> [-z <PrinterName>]
  • -x: Displays extra information.
  • -p: Pauses the specified job.
  • -r: Resumes the specified job.
  • -c: Clears the specified job.
  • -j : Specifies the job ID to be managed.
  • -z : Specifies the printer on which the job is queued. If not specified, the default system printer is used.


  • -x (Extra Information): Useful for debugging or when detailed feedback is required during script execution.
  • -p (Pause): Temporarily stops the specified print job. This is useful for holding a job without deleting it.
  • -r (Resume): Resumes a previously paused print job.
  • -c (Clear): Completely removes the print job from the queue. This is used to clear the queue of stuck jobs or when a print job is no longer needed.
  • -j : Mandatory for any operation, as it identifies which job the command should target.
  • -z : Optional. Specifies which printer’s queue is being targeted. If omitted, the command targets the default printer.


Pause a print job with ID 123 on the default printer:

PRNQCTL -p -j 123

Resume the same job:

PRNQCTL -r -j 123

Clear a job on the printer named “OfficePrinter1”:

PRNQCTL -c -j 456 -z OfficePrinter1

Show detailed information while clearing a job:

PRNQCTL -x -c -j 789

Common Issues

  • Invalid Job ID: Errors may occur if the job ID specified does not exist in the queue. Double-check the job ID before running the command.
  • Permissions: Some options may require administrative privileges. Running CMD as an administrator might resolve permission-related issues.


PRNQCTL can be integrated into batch scripts for automated management of printing tasks. For example, a script could check for stuck print jobs periodically and clear them automatically:

@echo off
PRNQCTL -x -c -j %1 -z %2

This script could be scheduled to run at regular intervals using task scheduler or triggered by specific system events.

  • LPQ: Shows the current print queue status.
  • LPR: Sends files to the printer.

For further reading on print commands and detailed Windows Command Line usage, visit Microsoft’s official documentation.

Date and references are accurate as of the last update and are subject to change with new releases or updates.