The PRNPORT command in Windows CMD is used to manage printer ports on a Windows operating system. It allows administrators to add, delete, and list TCP/IP printer ports, making it a crucial tool for managing network printers. This command is especially useful in large organizations or networks where central management of printer configurations is necessary.


The basic syntax of the PRNPORT command is structured as follows:

PRNPORT -a -r <portname> [options]
PRNPORT -d -r <portname>
  • To add a port: PRNPORT -a -r <portname> [options]
  • To delete a port: PRNPORT -d -r <portname>
  • To list all ports: PRNPORT -l


  • -a : Adds a printer port.
  • -d : Deletes a printer port.
  • -l : Lists all printer ports.


  • -r <portname> : Specifies the printer port name. Required when adding or deleting a port.
  • -o <IP_address> : Specifies the printer’s IP address when adding a port.
  • -n <port_number> : Specifies the port number, default is typically 9100.
  • -sp [raw | lpr] : Sets the protocol; raw for RAW printing and lpr for LPR printing. Default is raw.


  1. Adding a Printer Port:

    PRNPORT -a -r IP_192.168.1.101 -o -n 9100

    This example adds a new printer port named IP_192.168.1.101 with the IP address and port number 9100 using the RAW protocol.

  2. Deleting a Printer Port:

    PRNPORT -d -r IP_192.168.1.101

    Deletes the printer port named IP_192.168.1.101.

  3. Listing All Ports:

    PRNPORT -l

    Lists all configured printer ports on the system.

Common Issues

  • IP Address Conflicts: Ensure the IP address specified does not conflict with existing devices on the network to avoid connectivity issues.
  • Permissions: Running PRNPORT may require administrative privileges to manage printer ports effectively.


PRNPORT can be integrated with other scripting tools and commands for bulk operations. For example, you can use a batch script to add multiple printer ports by iterating over a list of IP addresses:

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in (ipaddresses.txt) do (
    PRNPORT -a -r IP_%%a -o %%a -n 9100
  • RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry: Another command for managing printers and print queues.
  • NET USE: Useful for managing network resources and can map printers as well.

For further reading and more detailed information on the PRNPORT command and related topics, the official Microsoft documentation and resources online provide comprehensive insights and guidelines.