NETDOM is a command-line tool used for managing and maintaining Windows domains and trust relationships between domains. It is typically utilized by system administrators for tasks such as adding computers to domains, managing trust relationships, and renaming computers in a domain context. This utility is particularly useful in large network environments that manage numerous computer accounts and domain controllers.


The basic syntax for NETDOM varies based on the operation you intend to perform. Here’s a general outline of its syntax:


Where OPERATION can include but is not limited to:

  • ADD: Add a workstation or server account to the domain.
  • REMOVE: Remove a workstation or server account from the domain.
  • MOVE: Move a workstation or server account between domains.
  • JOIN: Join a workstation or server to a domain.
  • QUERY: Retrieve information about domain relations and trusts.
  • RESET: Reset secure channels.

Each of these operations will have their own specific syntax and options.


  • /Domain: Specifies the domain in which to execute the operation.
  • /UserD: Specifies the user context under which the command should execute.
  • /PasswordD: Specifies the password of the user account provided.
  • /UserO: Specifies the user account that has administrative privileges on the target machine.
  • /PasswordO: Specifies the password of the UserO account.
  • /Force: Enforces the command to execute and can bypass certain warnings.
  • /Verbose: Provides detailed information about the executed operations.


  1. Adding a Computer to a Domain
    NETDOM JOIN ComputerName /Domain:DomainName /UserD:UserName /PasswordD:Password
  2. Removing a Computer from a Domain
    NETDOM REMOVE ComputerName /Domain:DomainName /UserD:UserName /PasswordD:Password
  3. Querying Trust Relationships
    NETDOM QUERY /Domain:DomainName TRUST
  4. Resetting Computer Account
    NETDOM RESET ComputerName /Domain:DomainName /UserO:AdminUser /PasswordO:AdminPassword

Common Issues

  • Access Denied: Lack of requisite permissions for the executing user. Ensure correct user and domain credentials are used.
  • Network Issues: NETDOM depends on network connectivity. Verify network access and DNS settings if you face connectivity issues.
  • Syntax Errors: Incorrectly typed commands or missing options can lead to failures. Double-check command syntax.


NETDOM can be used in batch files or scripts to automate domain management tasks. For example, a script to join multiple computers to a domain:

for /f %%i in (computers.txt) do (
    NETDOM JOIN %%i /Domain:DomainName /UserD:AdminUser /PasswordD:AdminPassword /Verbose
  • DCPROMO: Command used for promoting or demoting domain controllers.
  • NLTEST: Useful for troubleshooting and obtaining information about a network and its domains.

For further information, consult the Windows Server documentation or access help directly in the command line by executing NETDOM /?. This will provide the detailed syntax and options for all variations of the NETDOM command.