Minute - VBScript


The Minute command in VB Script extracts the minute component from a specified date value. It is primarily used to obtain the current minute or work with date and time calculations.




  • date (Required): A Date or Variant containing a date value.




Simple Example:

Dim now = Date
Debug.Print Minute(now) ' Prints the current minute

Complex Example:

Dim startDate = "2023-05-15 14:35:42"
Dim timedelta = 30
Dim newDate = DateAdd("n", timedelta, startDate)
Debug.Print Minute(newDate) ' Prints the minute component of the new date

Common Issues

  • If the date parameter is not valid or cannot be parsed, an error is raised.
  • To extract the minute component from a string, convert it to a Date value first.


VB Script’s Minute command can be combined with other date and time functions, such as Hour, Second, and DateAdd, to perform advanced date and time operations.

  • Hour: Extracts the hour component from a date.
  • Second: Extracts the second component from a date.
  • DateAdd: Adds a specified time interval to a date.