IsNumeric - VBScript


The IsNumeric command in VB Script checks if a given value can be converted to a number (Double). It is commonly used for input validation and data manipulation tasks in scripts.




  • expression: A numeric or string variable to be evaluated.




Simple Usage:

If IsNumeric("123") Then
    ' Code to handle the number 123
End If

Complex Usage:

Function IsNumberValid(num)
    If Not IsNumeric(num) Then
        ' Handle invalid number
    End If
    ' Code to process the number
End Function

Common Issues

  • Attempting to evaluate non-string or non-valid number values can lead to errors.
  • Using IsNumeric with empty strings will return True. To handle empty strings, combine it with the Len function.


IsNumeric can be integrated with the If statement for conditional execution. It can also be used in conjunction with other VB Script functions to perform complex data manipulation tasks.

  • Double: Converts a string to a floating-point number.
  • Int: Converts a string to an integer.
  • String: Converts a number to a string.