IsArray - VBScript


The IsArray command in VB Script provides a way to determine if a variable is an array. This is useful for writing code that can handle different types of data effectively.




  • variable is the variable to be проверяет.




Dim myArray()
If IsArray(myArray) Then
  ' Do something with the array
End If

In this example, the IsArray command is used to check if the variable myArray is an array. If it is, the code inside the If block will be executed.

Common Issues

One common issue with using the IsArray command is that it can return True even if the variable is not a true array. This can happen if the variable is an object that implements the IDispatch interface.

To avoid this problem, you can use the TypeName function to check the type of the variable. For example:

Dim myObject
If TypeName(myObject) = "Array" Then
  ' Do something with the array
End If


The IsArray command can be used with other VB Script commands to create more complex scripts. For example, you can use the IsArray command to check if a variable is an array, and then use the For Each command to loop through the elements of the array.

  • TypeName – Returns the type of a variable.
  • For Each – Loops through the elements of an array.