If..Then - VBScript


The If..Then command in VBScript is used for conditional execution, allowing you to execute specific code blocks only if certain conditions are met. It is essential for controlling the flow of your scripts and making decisions based on user input or other dynamic factors.


If expression Then
    ' Code to execute if expression is True
ElseIf expression2 Then
    ' Code to execute if expression2 is True
    ' Code to execute if neither expression is True
End If


  • expression, expression2: Boolean expressions that evaluate to True or False.




Simple example:

If age > 18 Then
    Print "You are eligible to vote"
    Print "You are not eligible to vote"
End If

Complex example:

Dim username, password

' Prompt user for username and password
username = InputBox("Enter your username:")
password = InputBox("Enter your password:")

If username = "admin" And password = "secret" Then
    Print "Welcome, administrator"
    ' Execute admin-level code
ElseIf username = "user" And password = "letmein" Then
    Print "Welcome, user"
    ' Execute user-level code
    Print "Invalid credentials"
End If

Common Issues

  • Incorrect syntax: Ensure that your If..Then statement has a matching End If to avoid syntax errors.
  • Invalid expressions: Expressions must evaluate to True or False. Avoid using expressions that result in non-Boolean values.


If..Then can be combined with other VBScript commands like ElseIf and Select Case for more complex conditional logic. It can also be used with Do..While and For..Next loops for iterative execution.

  • Select Case – Another conditional statement for more complex branching.
  • Do..While – Iterative loop that executes while a condition is True.
  • For..Next – Iterative loop that executes a specified number of times.