.GetObject - VBScript


.GetObject command in VB Script creates an object that references another object or application. It establishes a link to external resources, enabling interactions and data exchange.


GetObject(ProgId [, Context])


| Option | Description | Default |
| ProgId | Identifier of the object or application to access | Required |
| Context | Ignored for VB Script | Optional |


Connect to Excel Application:

Set xlApp = GetObject("Excel.Application")

Open a Word Document:

Set doc = GetObject("Word.Document", "path\to\document.doc")

Access a COM Server:

Set FSO = GetObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Common Issues

  • Ensure the correct ProgId is used for the desired object or application.
  • Make sure the specified object is available and running when the script is executed.
  • Handle possible errors gracefully, such as when the specified object is not found.


.GetObject can be combined with other commands, such as CreateObject, to create and manage objects dynamically. It can also be used with scripting engines and automation tools for advanced integration with external applications.