FONDUE (Features on Demand User Experience Tool) is a Windows CMD command used to install any optional features in Windows without requiring the original installation media. This tool is particularly useful for managing and updating Windows components in environments where internet access is limited, or automation of installations is needed.


The basic syntax of the FONDUE command is as follows:

FONDUE /enable-feature:FeatureName [/quiet] [/norestart]


  • /enable-feature:FeatureName – Specifies the feature to install. This should be the exact name of the feature as recognized by Windows.
  • /quiet – Optional. Installs the feature without prompting the user for input or displaying messages.
  • /norestart – Optional. Prevents the system from restarting automatically after the feature installation is complete.


  • /enable-feature:FeatureName
    This is the main option used with FONDUE. It tells the command which Windows feature to install. The feature name must be precise.

  • /quiet
    This flag suppresses the user prompts and messages during the installation, suitable for scripts and automated processes where no user interaction is desired.

  • /norestart
    Prevents the system from automatically restarting after installing the feature. This is important in automated environments or when the system should remain running for other tasks.


  1. Installing a Feature Interactively
    To install the Hyper-V feature interactively, you would enter the following command:

    FONDUE /enable-feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V
  2. Installing a Feature Silently
    To install the .NET Framework 3.5 without any user interaction or system restart:

    FONDUE /enable-feature:NetFx3 /quiet /norestart

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Feature Name:
    If the feature name is not correct, FONDUE will not be able to find and install the feature. Ensure you have the correct feature name, which can usually be found in the Windows Features dialog or documentation.

  • Network Issues:
    For installations requiring internet access, any network connectivity issues might cause the installation to fail. Ensure a stable internet connection.


FONDUE can be integrated with batch scripts to automate the installation of multiple features. Here’s an example of a batch script to install multiple features silently:

@echo off
FONDUE /enable-feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V /quiet /norestart
FONDUE /enable-feature:NetFx3 /quiet /norestart
echo All features installed successfully.

This script can be scheduled or run manually as part of a larger setup process.

  • DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management):
    A command-line tool for servicing Windows images before deployment. DISM can also be used to manage features and packages in Windows.

  • Powershell Add-WindowsFeature:
    Similar to FONDUE, used primarily on Windows Server to add server roles and features.

For detailed official documentation, visit Microsoft’s official documentation.