DisplaySwitch - CMD


DisplaySwitch is a command-line utility in Windows operating systems designed to quickly change the display mode among available monitors. This tool is particularly beneficial for users utilizing multiple monitors, projecting to an external screen, or requiring swift shifts between presentation modes in professional settings.


The DisplaySwitch command is simple and operates without the need for extensive parameters. To use it, type:

DisplaySwitch.exe /clone|/extend|/external|/internal

Here are the correct forms for its operation:

  • No arguments: Running DisplaySwitch without any arguments opens the display switch GUI similar to using the “Project” menu (Win+P).
  • With arguments:
    • DisplaySwitch.exe /clone
    • DisplaySwitch.exe /extend
    • DisplaySwitch.exe /external
    • DisplaySwitch.exe /internal


  1. /clone
    Sets the display mode to clone, where all connected displays show the same content.
  2. /extend
    Extends your desktop across all connected displays, which effectively increases the available workspace.
  3. /external
    Uses only the external monitor(s) and turns off the primary device’s screen.
  4. /internal
    Disables all external displays and uses only the primary device’s screen.

The default value (i.e., when running the command without parameters) is to open the settings pane where users can select their preferred display mode visually.


  • Switch to extend mode:

    DisplaySwitch.exe /extend

    This is particularly useful for presentations or managing multiple applications across several screens.

  • Quickly switch to internal display only, especially helpful when detaching a laptop from a docking station:

    DisplaySwitch.exe /internal

Common Issues

  • Command does not execute: Ensure that DisplaySwitch.exe is correctly spelled and that the command prompt is run with sufficient permissions.
  • Ineffective command: If the command doesn’t seem to affect the display settings, check the connections of your external displays or update your graphic drivers.


To combine DisplaySwitch with other commands, consider creating a batch file for changing display settings and then executing another application. For example:

@echo off
DisplaySwitch.exe /external
start pptview.exe /L presentation.pptx

This script is beneficial for setting up a presentation mode and automatically launching a PowerPoint slideshow.

  • start: Used to open files or run programs, often in conjunction with setting up the environment through DisplaySwitch.
  • echo: Useful in scripts (batch files) to output status messages.

For further details and support, refer to Microsoft’s official documentation or the community forums related to Windows display management.