Day - VBScript


The Day command in VB Script retrieves the day of the month for a given date object. It finds application in extracting the day component of a date for various operations like formatting, calculations, and data manipulation.




  • date_object: A valid date object or a string representing a date in a recognizable format.




' Get the day of the month for today
Dim today
today = Date

Dim day_of_month
day_of_month = Day(today)
WScript.Echo "Today is the " & day_of_month & "th day of the month."

' Get the day of the month for a specific date
Dim specific_date
specific_date = "2023-03-15"

day_of_month = Day(specific_date)
WScript.Echo "The 15th of March, 2023 is the " & day_of_month & "th day of the month."

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the input date_object is in a valid date format to avoid getting an error.
  • Handle scenarios where the input date is null or invalid to prevent runtime errors.


  • Use Day in conjunction with Month and Year commands to extract specific date components for further processing.
  • Combine it with string formatting to create custom date displays or reports.
  • Utilize it for date calculations, such as finding the difference between two dates or adding a specific number of days to a date.
  • Month
  • Year
  • DateAdd
  • DateDiff