ChrB - VBScript


The ChrB command in VB Script is used to convert an ASCII or Unicode character code into its corresponding character. It serves as a useful function for handling character manipulation, text processing, and code conversion tasks.




  • code: The ASCII or Unicode character code to convert. This can be a numeric literal or a character enclosed in double quotes.




Example 1: Converting ASCII code to character

Dim code As Byte
code = 65
Debug.Print ChrB(code) 'Output: "A"

Example 2: Converting Unicode code to character

Dim code As Integer
code = &H4E00
Debug.Print ChrB(code) 'Output: "中"

Common Issues

  • Incorrect code value: Ensure that the provided character code is valid within the ASCII or Unicode range. Invalid codes will result in an error.
  • Invalid data type: The code parameter should be an integer or a numeric literal representing the character code. Strings or other data types will cause an error.


ChrB can be integrated into VB Script programs for various scenarios:

  • Converting character codes from external sources (such as databases or API responses) into human-readable characters.
  • Creating custom character sets for encoding or decoding data.
  • Performing string manipulations, such as extracting or replacing specific characters based on their ASCII or Unicode codes.
  • AscB: Converts a character into its ASCII code.
  • AscW: Converts a character into its Unicode code.
  • LCase: Converts a string to lowercase.
  • UCase: Converts a string to uppercase.