CCur - VBScript


CCur converts a string expression to a currency value. It is particularly useful for converting string representations of monetary values into actual currency values for calculations or data processing.


Number = CCur(StringExpression)
  • StringExpression: Required. The string expression to be converted to a currency value. It can be any valid string that represents a monetary value, such as “123.45”, “$123.45”, or “123,456.78”.




Example 1: Simple Conversion

myValue = CCur("123.45")  ' Converts "123.45" to currency value

Example 2: Removing Non-Numeric Characters

myValue = CCur("($123.45)")  ' Removes non-numeric characters, converts to currency

Example 3: Handling Commas as Decimal Separators

myValue = CCur("123,456.78")  ' Converts "123,456.78" with commas as decimal separators

Common Issues

  • Invalid Input: If the StringExpression is not a valid monetary value (e.g., contains non-numeric characters), an error will be raised.
  • Decimal Place Precision: CCur may truncate decimal places depending on the system settings. Use FormatNumber function for greater precision.
  • Negative Values: Enclose negative values in parentheses for correct conversion (e.g., CCur(“($123.45)”)).


CCur can be used in conjunction with other VB Script commands and functions, such as:

  • FormatNumber: Format the currency value to a specific format.
  • Str: Convert the currency value back to a string.
  • CBool: Converts a string expression to a Boolean value.
  • CByte: Converts a string expression to a byte value.
  • CDate: Converts a string expression to a date value.