Abs - VBScript


The Abs command in VBScript calculates the absolute value of a number, effectively removing its negative sign if present. It is particularly useful for obtaining the magnitude of a number, regardless of its sign.



Required Arguments:

  • number: The numeric value whose absolute value is to be calculated.


This command does not accept any options or flags.


Simple Example:

Dim num = -10
Dim absValue = Abs(num)
WScript.Echo absValue ' Output: 10

Complex Example:

Function CalculateDistance(point1, point2)
    Dim x1 = point1(0)
    Dim y1 = point1(1)
    Dim x2 = point2(0)
    Dim y2 = point2(1)
    Dim distanceX = Abs(x1 - x2)
    Dim distanceY = Abs(y1 - y2)
    Dim distance = Sqr(distanceX^2 + distanceY^2)
    CalculateDistance = distance
End Function

Dim point1 = Array(-2, 5)
Dim point2 = Array(1, 3)
Dim distance = CalculateDistance(point1, point2)
WScript.Echo "Distance between the two points: " & distance ' Output: 5.8309518948453

Common Issues

  • Negative Input: Abs always returns a positive number, regardless of the input. It does not preserve negative signs.
  • Non-Numeric Input: Attempting to pass non-numeric values to Abs will result in an error. Ensure that the input is a valid numeric type.


Abs can be combined with other math and comparison operators to perform advanced calculations and comparisons. For instance, it can be used to find the minimum or maximum absolute value within a data set.

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