TAC File – What is .tac file and how to open it?


TAC File Extension

ActiCalc Data File – file format by ActiCalc

TAC is a file extension for ActiCalc Data File, a proprietary format used by the ActiCalc spreadsheet application. It stores spreadsheet data, including cell values, formulas, and formatting. TAC files are not compatible with other spreadsheet programs, but can be exported to other formats such as CSV or XLS.

ActiCalc Data File (TAC)

A TAC file is a data file used by ActiCalc, a spreadsheet application developed by ActiCalc. It stores data in a tabular format, similar to spreadsheet files such as Microsoft Excel’s XLSX format. The data within a TAC file can include numbers, text, and formulas, organized into rows and columns. TAC files enable users to create and manipulate spreadsheets, perform calculations, and generate charts and graphs.

TAC File Structure

TAC files are text-based files that use a proprietary format. They consist of a header section containing information about the file, such as the version and spreadsheet dimensions. The data section follows the header, storing the actual spreadsheet data as rows and columns. Cells within the spreadsheet can contain various types of data, including numeric values, text strings, formulas, and references to other cells. TAC files also support features such as formatting, styles, and named ranges, allowing users to customize the appearance and organization of their spreadsheets.

TAC File Format Overview

The TAC file extension is primarily associated with ActiCalc, a discontinued spreadsheet application for the Commodore 64 home computer. TAC files store spreadsheet data in a proprietary binary format, including cell values, formulas, formatting, and other worksheet information. They are not compatible with modern spreadsheet software without specialized conversion tools.

Opening TAC Files

To open a TAC file, you can use an emulator like CCS64 or VICE that emulates the Commodore 64 environment and allows you to run ActiCalc. Alternatively, you can try using third-party conversion tools specifically designed to convert TAC files to modern spreadsheet formats. However, these tools may not be readily available or fully support all aspects of the TAC file format.

TAC File Format

TAC files are proprietary data files associated with ActiCalc, an accounting and budgeting software developed for DOS and Windows systems. These files contain financial data, including records of transactions, accounts, and reports. TAC files adhere to a specific file format defined by ActiCalc, which enables the software to store, organize, and retrieve financial information efficiently. Unlike general-purpose spreadsheet formats like XLS or CSV, TAC files are optimized for accounting applications and provide specialized capabilities for data analysis and reporting.

Usage and Compatibility

TAC files are primarily used within ActiCalc and are not intended for direct use by other applications or users. They are generated and utilized by ActiCalc to manage financial data for businesses and individuals. As a result, TAC files are only compatible with ActiCalc software and cannot be opened or processed by other spreadsheet programs or data analysis tools. To access or edit the financial information contained in a TAC file, users must use the ActiCalc software.

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