RSR File – What is .rsr file and how to open it?


RSR File Extension

Rolling Sky Remake Level – file format by Paum

RSR is a file extension for Rolling Sky Remake Level, a custom level format for the mobile game Rolling Sky. It contains level data, such as obstacles, traps, and coins, created using the Rolling Sky Remake editor.

RSR File Format

An RSR file is a level file used by the game Rolling Sky Remake, a fan-made recreation of the popular mobile game Rolling Sky. RSR files contain all the necessary data to define a level, including the level’s geometry, obstacles, and gameplay mechanics. They are typically created using a level editor and can be shared among players to create custom levels.

Structure and Content

RSR files are structured using a custom binary format. They typically begin with a header that contains information such as the file version, level name, and author. Following the header is the level data, which is divided into several sections. These sections include the level’s geometry, which defines the shape and size of the playable area; the obstacle data, which specifies the position and type of obstacles in the level; and the gameplay mechanics data, which controls aspects such as player movement, gravity, and camera behavior. RSR files may also include additional data, such as background images, sound effects, and music.

Opening RSR Files Using Rolling Sky Remake

The primary method to open RSR files is through the Rolling Sky Remake application. This free and open-source level editor, created by Paum, is specifically designed for creating and editing levels for the popular mobile game Rolling Sky. To open an RSR file using Rolling Sky Remake:

  1. Download and install Rolling Sky Remake on your computer.
  2. Launch the application and click on the “File” menu.
  3. Select “Open” and navigate to the location of the RSR file you wish to open.
  4. Click on the file and click “Open” again to load the level into Rolling Sky Remake.
  5. Once loaded, you can view, edit, and export the level as needed.

Alternative Methods

In addition to Rolling Sky Remake, there are a few other applications that may be able to open RSR files:

  • Text Editors: RSR files are plain text files that can be opened and edited using any text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit. However, this method only allows for viewing the contents of the file and does not provide the ability to edit or save the level.
  • Specialized Editors: There may be other specialized level editors or game modding tools that support the opening of RSR files. These tools are typically intended for game developers or advanced users and may require specific technical knowledge to use effectively.

RSR File Format

The RSR file format, an abbreviation for “Rolling Sky Remake Level,” is a specialized format designed for creating custom levels within the Rolling Sky video game. Created by Paum, the developer of the original Rolling Sky game, the RSR file format provides a platform for both casual and experienced modders to design and share their own unique levels. These levels can range from simple platformers to complex musical journeys, offering endless possibilities for creativity and challenge.

Structure and Features

RSR files are text-based, allowing for easy editing with any plain text editor. They consist of numerous sections, each containing specific data related to various aspects of the level. These sections include information on level geometry, obstacles, power-ups, visual effects, and music synchronization. The format provides extensive customization options, enabling modders to create intricate level designs, tailor the difficulty, and even incorporate custom music and sound effects. The ability to export and import RSR files further facilitates collaboration and sharing among the Rolling Sky modding community.

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