OLK File – What is .olk file and how to open it?


OLK File Extension

Outlook Address Book File – file format by Microsoft

OLK (Outlook Address Book File) is a file extension developed by Microsoft for Outlook, an email and personal information management application. It stores contact information, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

Outlook Address Book File (OLK)

The Outlook Address Book file, denoted by the .OLK file extension, is a data file utilized by Microsoft Outlook. It serves as the central repository for contact information, acting as a digital address book. OLK files store various details about each contact, including their name, email address, phone numbers, and other relevant data. They are crucial for managing and organizing contacts within Outlook, enabling users to quickly access and share contact information with others.

OLK files are seamlessly integrated with Outlook’s contact management system. Users can create, edit, and modify contacts directly within the software, with all changes automatically saved to the associated OLK file. Outlook utilizes OLK files to display contact information in its dedicated “Contacts” section, allowing users to easily search, filter, and communicate with their contacts. Additionally, OLK files facilitate the import and export of contact data, enabling users to transfer their contacts between different devices or share them with others.

Method for Opening OLK Files Using the Default Program:

By default, the OLK file is associated with Microsoft Outlook, a popular email client and personal information manager. To open an OLK file using Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the OLK file on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the file and select “Open with.”
  3. Choose “Microsoft Outlook” from the list of programs.

If Outlook is properly installed on your system, it will automatically open the OLK file, displaying the contacts and address book information it contains.

Alternative Methods for Opening OLK Files:

In case you do not have Outlook installed, there are several alternative methods to open OLK files:

  • OLK Viewer: You can download and install the OLK Viewer, a free tool that allows you to view and extract data from OLK files.
  • Contact List Exporter: If you only need to extract the contact information from the OLK file, you can use the Contact List Exporter tool. This utility can export the contacts to various formats, including CSV, vCard, and Outlook PST.
  • Third-Party Software: There are several third-party software programs that support opening and editing OLK files. However, these programs may require a paid subscription or offer limited functionality compared to Outlook.

Outlook Address Book File (OLK)

OLK files are data files used by Microsoft Outlook, a popular email and personal information management application. They primarily contain contact information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses. OLK files also include additional details like company affiliations, job titles, and notes, allowing users to create comprehensive contact profiles.

OLK files are essential for managing contacts within Outlook. They facilitate the creation and storage of contacts, enabling users to quickly access and search for their contacts using various criteria. Additionally, OLK files provide a central repository for contact information, ensuring that it is not scattered across multiple files or systems. This central storage streamlines contact management and reduces the risk of data loss or duplication.

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