LTB File – What is .ltb file and how to open it?


LTB File Extension

LithTech Binary File – file format by Touchdown Entertainment

LTB (LithTech Binary File) is a proprietary file format developed by Touchdown Entertainment for storing game data in their LithTech game engine. It contains various game-related data, such as levels, objects, textures, and animations.

LTB File Format

The LithTech Binary File (.LTB) format is a proprietary file type used by games developed using the LithTech game engine. It is typically utilized for storing game data, such as models, textures, animations, and sound effects. LTB files are binary files, meaning they are not human-readable and must be processed by the game engine or specialized software.

Applications and Usage

LTB files are commonly encountered in games that use the LithTech engine, including the “No One Lives Forever” series, “F.E.A.R.,” and “The Suffering.” They are essential for the proper functioning of the game, as they provide the resources needed to render graphics, play audio, and perform other gameplay functions. Due to their binary nature, LTB files cannot be easily edited or modified without the use of specialized tools or knowledge of the file format.

LithTech Binary Files (.LTB)

LithTech Binary files (.LTB) are proprietary file formats used by the LithTech game engine developed by Touchdown Entertainment. These files contain various game-related data, including models, textures, animations, and level geometry. LTB files are typically packaged within the game’s installation directory and serve as essential components for the game to run and display its content.

To open LTB files, you will need a dedicated software program or tool that supports the LithTech file format. One such tool is the LithTech Editor, also known as LithEdit, which is designed specifically for editing and modifying game assets used in LithTech-based games. With LithEdit, you can view, extract, and manipulate the contents of LTB files, allowing you to create and customize game mods, maps, and other content.

LithTech Binary File (.LTB)

A LithTech Binary File (.LTB) is a proprietary file format used by the LithTech engine, a game engine developed by LithTech Inc. The .LTB file format stores various game data, including level maps, textures, models, and animations. It is commonly found in games based on the LithTech engine, such as the F.E.A.R. series, Blood II: The Chosen, and No One Lives Forever. LTB files are typically packaged within game archives and can be extracted using specialized tools.

Due to its proprietary nature, the .LTB file format is not widely supported by third-party software. However, some community-developed tools and plug-ins exist that allow users to view, edit, and convert LTB files. These tools provide access to the underlying game data, enabling modders and game enthusiasts to modify and create custom content for games using the LithTech engine. By reverse engineering the .LTB file format, developers have created modding tools that allow users to alter levels, textures, and other game assets, enhancing the replayability and customization of LithTech-based games.

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