FE_TMP File – What is .fe_tmp file and how to open it?


FE_TMP File Extension

Mi File Explorer Temporary File – file format by Xiaomi

FE_TMP is a temporary file extension used by Mi File Explorer, a file manager app developed by Xiaomi. It’s used for storing temporary data while performing operations within the app, such as file transfers or data processing.

FE_TMP Files: A Temporary Haven for Data

FE_TMP files are temporary placeholders created by Xiaomi’s Mi File Explorer app. These files serve as a temporary storage location for data being transferred or processed. They are commonly found on Android devices that have the Mi File Explorer app installed.

Once the data transfer or processing operation is complete, the FETMP file is typically deleted automatically. However, if there is an interruption during the operation, the FETMP file may remain on the device. These remnant files can accumulate over time and potentially clutter the device’s storage space.

Opening FE_TMP Files with Mi File Explorer

FE_TMP files are temporary files created by Mi File Explorer, a file manager application for Android devices from Xiaomi. These files store intermediary data during file operations such as copying, moving, or deleting. They are typically not intended to be opened by users, as they contain partial or incomplete data that may be corrupted if accessed directly.

To open FETMP files, you must use Mi File Explorer. Simply navigate to the file’s location within the app, select it, and tap the “Open” button. However, it’s important to note that FETMP files are usually only accessible within the Mi File Explorer app and may not be compatible with other file managers or applications.

FE_TMP File Extension: Nature and Purpose

The FETMP file extension is associated with Mi File Explorer, a file manager application developed by Xiaomi. Files with this extension are temporary files created by Mi File Explorer when performing certain operations. They are typically found in the device’s storage directory, within a subfolder named “FETMP”.

These temporary files usually contain intermediate data or incomplete versions of documents, archives, or other files being processed by Mi File Explorer. They are essential for the smooth functioning of the application, enabling it to perform operations efficiently without interrupting the user’s workflow. Once the operation is complete, the FE_TMP files are automatically deleted or moved to a different location by Mi File Explorer.

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