DET File – What is .det file and how to open it?


DET File Extension

Sage ACT! 5 Email Message – file format by The Sage Group

DET files are email messages created by Sage ACT! 5, a discontinued customer relationship management (CRM) software. They contain text, attachments, and other email-related data. DET files are obsolete and cannot be opened in modern email clients.

DET File Format

A DET file is an email message format associated with Sage ACT! 5, a contact and customer management software. It stores email content, including the sender’s information, recipient list, subject line, message body, and attachments. DET files are not commonly found outside of the Sage ACT! 5 environment.

Uses and Importance

DET files are primarily used for email archival and retrieval within Sage ACT! 5. They allow users to save and manage email correspondence related to their contacts and customers. DET files can be accessed and viewed through the Sage ACT! 5 email interface. Additionally, they can be exported and imported for backup or transfer purposes.

Finding a Compatible Software

To open a DET file, you’ll need software that supports the Sage ACT! 5 Email Message format. The original software used to create the file was Sage ACT! 5, a customer relationship management (CRM) and email application. If you have access to this software, you can simply double-click on the DET file to open it.

If you don’t have Sage ACT! 5, there are several other software programs that can open DET files. These include:

  • Sage ACT! Premium
  • Sage ACT! Pro
  • Microsoft Outlook (with the ACT! Connector add-in installed)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (with the ACT! Connector add-on installed)

Conversion to a Different Format

If you don’t have any of the software programs mentioned above, you can also try converting the DET file to a different format that can be opened by a wider range of applications. One option is to use a file converter such as Zamzar or FileZigZag. These services allow you to upload your DET file and convert it to a format such as PDF, TXT, or HTML.

Once you have converted the DET file to a different format, you can open it using the appropriate software program. For example, if you convert the file to PDF, you can open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you convert the file to TXT, you can open it using any text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit.

DET File Format and Usage

DET files are email message files associated with the Sage ACT! 5 contact management software. They contain email content, including text, attachments, and message metadata. DET files are typically stored in the ACT! database and can be accessed and viewed within the software’s email module. They play a crucial role in managing email communication within the ACT! ecosystem, allowing users to organize, track, and reference email conversations related to their contacts.

Benefits and Limitations of DET Files

The DET file format provides several benefits for ACT! users. It enables seamless integration of email communication within the contact management system, allowing users to access and manage emails directly from the software. This facilitates efficient tracking of email interactions, simplifies contact follow-ups, and provides a centralized repository for all correspondence related to specific contacts. However, DET files are limited in their ability to be viewed outside of the ACT! software, as they are only compatible with Sage ACT! versions 5.0 and later.

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