ARTB File – What is .artb file and how to open it?


ARTB File Extension

Artboard Document – file format by Mapdiva

ARTB is a file extension for Artboard Document, a proprietary format used by Mapdiva for storing vector graphics and annotations created within their mapping software. It is a compressed binary format that allows for efficient storage and retrieval of complex geographic data.

ARTB File Format

An ARTB file is a type of document associated with the Mapdiva software, which is utilized for generating maps and managing geographic data. It stores an artboard document, a digital canvas that contains design elements such as images, graphics, and text. ARTB files provide a structured environment for organizing and manipulating map components, enabling users to create and edit complex map layouts.

Additional Information

ARTB files are specific to the Mapdiva software and are not compatible with other applications. To open and edit ARTB files, users must have Mapdiva installed on their computers. These files are commonly used by cartographers, geographers, and GIS professionals who need to create visually appealing and informative maps for various purposes. The ARTB format allows for the integration of spatial data, enabling users to incorporate layers of information, such as land use, topography, and demographics, into their maps.

What is an ARTB File?

An ARTB file is an Artboard Document created by Mapdiva, a software program developed primarily for creating maps and diagrams. It is a vector-based file format that stores graphic elements, such as lines, shapes, text, and images, in a hierarchical structure. ARTB files are commonly used in the mapping industry to create and modify maps, as they allow for detailed and precise control over the layout and appearance of map elements.

How to Open an ARTB File

To open an ARTB file, you will need to have compatible software installed on your computer. The primary software application that can open ARTB files is Mapdiva. It is a comprehensive map-making tool that provides a wide range of features for creating, editing, and publishing maps. Mapdiva is available for purchase on the Mapdiva website.

Once you have installed Mapdiva, you can open an ARTB file by simply double-clicking on it. The file will automatically open in the Mapdiva application. You can also open an ARTB file from within Mapdiva by going to the “File” menu and selecting “Open.” Navigate to the location of the ARTB file and click “Open.” The file will be loaded into the Mapdiva workspace, where you can view and edit it.

ARTB File Format

An ARTB file, an Artboard Document, is a proprietary file format developed by Mapdiva, a software company specializing in geospatial solutions. ARTB files are primarily used to store and share map data and visualizations created within Mapdiva’s mapping software. These files contain a collection of graphical elements, such as layers, objects, annotations, and map styles, that together form a complete map document.

Advantages and Applications

ARTB files offer several advantages in the field of digital cartography. They provide a standardized way to exchange and collaborate on map data, ensuring compatibility and ease of sharing among users. Additionally, ARTB files support advanced features such as dynamic styling, custom symbology, and spatial analysis capabilities. This makes them suitable for various applications, including GIS (Geographic Information Systems), web mapping, and printed map production.

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