While - PowerShell


The While command in PowerShell is a loop construct that executes a block of code repeatedly while a specified condition remains true. It is most useful in situations where the number of repetitions is not known in advance or when the loop needs to continue until a specific condition is met.


While (condition) {
  # code to execute


There are no specific options or flags associated with the While command.


Simple While Loop

$i = 1
While ($i -le 10) {
  Write-Host $i

Complex While Loop with Nested If Statement

$number = 100

While ($number -gt 0) {
  If ($number % 2 -eq 0) {
    Write-Host "$number is even"
  } Else {
    Write-Host "$number is odd"

Common Issues

One common issue with While loops is forgetting to update the condition variable within the loop, leading to an infinite loop. It is important to ensure that the condition eventually evaluates to false to terminate the loop.


The While command can be integrated into scripts and combined with other PowerShell commands to create powerful automation tasks. For example, it can be used in conjunction with the ForEach-Object cmdlet to process a collection of objects conditionally.

  • Do-While
  • For
  • ForEach-Object