Update TypeData - PowerShell


The Update-Typedata cmdlet modifies type data, allowing administrators to manage and customize type definitions stored in the Azure Data Catalog. It enables efficient updates to specific type attributes, such as properties, relationships, and descriptions.


Update-Typedata -TypeName <String> -TypeProperty <String> -PropertyValue <Object> [-TypeDescription <String>] [-TypeRelationship <String>] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


| Option | Description | Default Value |
| TypeName | The name of the type to be updated. | Required |
| TypeProperty | The property of the type to be updated. | Required |
| PropertyValue | The new value of the specified property. | Required |
| TypeDescription | The new description of the type. | Optional |
| TypeRelationship | The relationship to be added or removed from the type. Syntax: RelationshipName:RelationshipType. | Optional |
| WhatIf | Previews the changes that would be made without actually committing them. | False |
| Confirm | Prompts the user to confirm the changes before committing them. | False |


Example 1: Update a Type’s Property

Update-Typedata -TypeName "Customer" -TypeProperty "FirstName" -PropertyValue "John"

Example 2: Update a Type’s Description

Update-Typedata -TypeName "Product" -TypeDescription "This type represents a product sold by the company."

Example 3: Add a Relationship to a Type

Update-Typedata -TypeName "Customer" -TypeRelationship "Orders:ManyToMany"

Common Issues

  • Type not found: Ensure the specified TypeName exists in the Data Catalog.
  • Invalid property name: Verify that the TypeProperty specified is a valid property of the type.
  • Invalid relationship syntax: Ensure the TypeRelationship syntax follows the required format.


Update-Typedata can be used in conjunction with the following commands:

  • Get-Typedata: Retrieve and manage type data.
  • New-Typedata: Create type definitions.
  • Remove-Typedata: Delete type definitions.