Update Help - PowerShell


Update-Help retrieves and updates help files for PowerShell cmdlets, functions, modules, and providers. This allows you to access the latest documentation and information for all your PowerShell components.


Update-Help [[-Name] <string>] [-Force] [-Verbose]



Specifies the name of the component to update help for. This can be a cmdlet, function, module, or provider.


Updates help for all components, even if they are already up to date.


Shows detailed information about the update process.


Simple Example:

Update-Help Get-Process

This updates the help file for the Get-Process cmdlet.

Complex Example:

Update-Help -Name '*Command*' -Force -Verbose

This updates the help files for all commands, forces the update even if they are up to date, and shows detailed information about the process.

Common Issues

  • Error: Unable to update help.

This error can occur if you do not have sufficient permissions to access or update the help files. Ensure that you are running PowerShell as an administrator.


Script Example:

This script updates the help files for all installed modules:

Get-Module -ListAvailable | Update-Help

Command Chain:

You can use the Update-Help command as part of a command chain. For example, to update the help files for the Get-Process cmdlet and then display the help, use the following command:

Update-Help Get-Process | Get-Help