Unregister Event - PowerShell


The Unregister-Event cmdlet removes an event registration for a specified event source. This allows you to stop receiving events from that source and free up system resources.


Unregister-Event [-SourceName] <string> [-Force]


  • -SourceName

    • The name of the event source from which to unregister the event.
    • Required.
  • -Force

    • Suppresses the confirmation prompt when unregistering the event.


Example 1: Unregister an event from a specific source

Unregister-Event -SourceName "MyEventSource"

Example 2: Unregister an event without confirmation

Unregister-Event -SourceName "MyEventSource" -Force

Common Issues

  • Error: “The specified event source is not registered.”

    • Solution: Ensure that the event source you are trying to unregister is registered with the system.
  • Error: “Failed to unregister the event.”

    • Solution: Verify that you have sufficient permissions to unregister the event.


Unregister-Event can be used in conjunction with Register-Event to manage event registrations. For example, you can register an event for a specific source, monitor the events, and then unregister the event when you no longer need the notifications.

  • Register-Event
  • Get-EventSubscriber
  • Remove-EventLog