Uninstall WindowsFeature - PowerShell


The Uninstall-WindowsFeature command removes optional Windows features from a system. It can be used to free up disk space, improve performance by reducing unnecessary services and dependencies, or customize a Windows installation.


Uninstall-WindowsFeature [-Name] <string[]> [-Restart] [-Force] 
[-ComputerName <string>] [-Credential <PSCredential>] [<CommonParameters>]


| Option/Flag | Description |
| -Name | Specifies the name of the feature to be uninstalled. Multiple feature names can be specified as an array of strings. |
| -Restart | Automatically restarts the computer after the feature is uninstalled. This is necessary for some features to take effect. |
| -Force | Uninstalls the feature even if it is required by other features. Use with caution, as this may cause unexpected behavior or system instability. |
| -ComputerName | Specifies the remote computer on which to uninstall the feature. By default, the command operates on the local computer. |
| -Credential | Specifies the credentials to use when performing the operation on a remote computer. |


Simple: Uninstall the Hyper-V feature

Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Name Hyper-V

Complex: Uninstall multiple features and restart the computer

Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Name "Telnet-Client" "Fax-Services" -Restart

Remote Uninstallation: Uninstall a feature on a remote computer

Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Name "Windows-Defender" -ComputerName remote-pc -Credential domain\username

Common Issues

  • Restart Required: Some features require a computer restart after uninstallation. The -Restart flag can be used to automate this process.
  • Dependencies: Uninstalling a feature may remove dependencies for other features, causing them to fail. Use the -Force flag with caution.
  • File Removal: Uninstalling a feature may not remove all associated files. These files can be manually deleted or cleaned up using a tool like DISM.


  • Get-WindowsFeature: Query which features are installed or available for installation.
  • Install-WindowsFeature: Install a new Windows feature.
  • Export-WindowsFeature: Export a feature configuration for later installation.