Undo Transaction - PowerShell


Undo-Transaction reverses the specified transaction in the current session. Transactions are used to group a series of changes together, and Undo-Transaction allows you to revert all changes made within a transaction. This is particularly useful when troubleshooting configuration changes or rolling back updates that caused unintended consequences.


Undo-Transaction [-Transaction] <Transaction>


  • -Transaction: Specifies the transaction to undo. This can be either the transaction object itself or the transaction ID. If omitted, the current transaction is used.


Example 1: Undoing the last transaction


Example 2: Undoing a specific transaction by ID

Undo-Transaction -Transaction "42271E96-E341-4C67-8B9F-F820383919C3"

Common Issues

Error: Transaction not found

This error occurs if the specified transaction does not exist or has already been completed. Ensure that the transaction ID is correct and that the transaction hasn’t been closed or committed. To avoid this issue, use the -Transaction parameter to specify the transaction to undo explicitly.


Undo-Transaction can be used with other PowerShell commands to manage transactions effectively. For example, you can use New-Transaction to create a transaction, Commit-Transaction to commit the changes, and Undo-Transaction to roll back the changes if needed.

  • New-Transaction: Creates a new transaction.
  • Commit-Transaction: Commits the changes made within a transaction.
  • Get-Transaction: Gets information about the transaction objects in the current session.