Unblock File - PowerShell


Unblock-File is a PowerShell command that removes the “blocked” attribute from files downloaded from the internet. By default, files downloaded from the internet are blocked to protect your computer from potentially malicious software. This command allows you to unblock the files so that you can open and use them.


Unblock-File [-Path] <string[]>


| Option | Description | Default |
| -Path | The path to the file(s) you want to unblock. Accepts wildcards. | Required |


Simple Usage

Unblock-File "c:\path\to\file.exe"

Unblock Multiple Files

Unblock-File "c:\path\to\file1.exe" "c:\path\to\file2.exe"

Use Wildcards

Unblock-File "c:\path\to\file*.exe"

Common Issues

“The file is not blocked” error

If you receive this error, the file may not be blocked. Check the file’s properties to verify that the “Blocked” attribute is set to “Yes”.

“Access denied” error

You may need to run PowerShell as an administrator to unblock files.


Unblock-File can be integrated with other PowerShell commands or tools for advanced tasks. For example, you could use it as part of a script to automatically unblock all downloaded files in a specific folder.

  • Get-Item
  • Set-ItemProperty
  • Remove-Item