Suspend BitLocker - PowerShell


Suspend-BitLocker pauses the BitLocker encryption process for the specified drive or volume, allowing access to unencrypted data and modification of the drive or volume without the need for a recovery key.


Suspend-BitLocker [-MountPoint] <String> [-Volume] <String> [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


  • -MountPoint (Required)
    • Accepts the mount point (drive letter) of the BitLocker-protected drive or volume to suspend.
  • -Volume (Required)
    • Accepts the full path to the BitLocker-protected drive or volume to suspend.
  • -WhatIf
    • Displays what would happen without making any changes.
  • -Confirm
    • Prompts for confirmation before executing the command.


Suspend BitLocker on drive E:

Suspend-BitLocker -MountPoint E:

Suspend BitLocker on volume F:

Suspend-BitLocker -Volume F:\

Common Issues

  • Access Denied: Ensure you have sufficient privileges to suspend BitLocker on the specified drive or volume.
  • Drive or Volume Not Found: Verify that the provided mount point or volume path is correct.
  • BitLocker Not Enabled: Ensure BitLocker is enabled on the specified drive or volume before attempting to suspend it.


Combine Suspend-BitLocker with other commands to automate BitLocker management:

  • Use Get-BitLockerVolume to retrieve information about BitLocker-protected drives or volumes before suspending them.
  • Use Test-BitLocker to verify that BitLocker is working properly on a drive or volume after suspending it.
  • Enable-BitLocker
  • Resume-BitLocker
  • Get-BitLockerVolume
  • Test-BitLocker