Stop Transcript - PowerShell


Stop-Transcript stops the recording of a PowerShell transcript (.ps1xml file) that was initiated with Start-Transcript. When you stop the transcription, the transcript file is saved to the specified path.


Stop-Transcript [[-Path] <String>]


  • -Path : Specifies the path to the transcript file. If not specified, the transcript is saved to the current directory, under the name “PowerShell_transcript.ps1xml”.


Example 1: Stop the Transcript

Start-Transcript -Path "C:\MyTranscript.ps1xml"

# Some commands executed...


Example 2: Stop the Transcript and Save to Alternate Path


# Some commands executed...

Stop-Transcript -Path "D:\AnotherTranscript.ps1xml"

Common Issues

  • Cannot find the transcript file: Ensure that the transcript file was created before calling Stop-Transcript.
  • Permission Denied: Check if you have write permissions to the specified transcript file path.


Stop-Transcript works in conjunction with Start-Transcript to record and save PowerShell transcripts. Transcripts can be useful for:

  • Debugging scripts
  • Recording user input for support purposes
  • Documenting and sharing command sequences
  • Start-Transcript: Starts the recording of a PowerShell transcript.
  • Get-Transcript: Gets a transcript’s contents.
  • Remove-Transcript: Removes a transcript file.