Start Service - PowerShell


Start-Service is a PowerShell command used to initiate the execution of a Windows service. It enables users to start a specific Windows service or multiple services concurrently, allowing them to initialize and run on the local or remote systems.


Start-Service [-Name] <string[]> [-DisplayName] <string[]> [-ComputerName] <string> [-PassThru] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm]


  • -Name: Specifies the name of the service(s) to start. Multiple service names can be provided.
  • -DisplayName: Specifies the display name of the service(s) to start.
  • -ComputerName: Specifies the name of the remote computer where the service(s) reside.
  • -PassThru: Returns an object representing the service(s) that were started.
  • -WhatIf: Simulates the command execution without making any changes.
  • -Confirm: Prompts the user for confirmation before executing the command.


Start a specific service:

Start-Service -Name "Print Spooler"

Start multiple services:

Start-Service -Name "DHCP Server", "DNS Server"

Start a service on a remote computer:

Start-Service -Name "Remote Desktop Services" -ComputerName "Server1"

Common Issues

  • Access denied: Ensure the user has sufficient privileges to start the service.
  • Service does not exist: Verify the specified service name or display name is correct.
  • Service is already running: The service is already running and cannot be started again.


Retrieve service status after starting:

Start-Service "MyService" | Get-Service

Start multiple services using a script:

$services = Get-Service "Service1", "Service2"
foreach ($service in $services) { Start-Service $service }
  • Get-Service: Retrieves information about Windows services.
  • Stop-Service: Stops a Windows service.
  • Restart-Service: Restarts a Windows service.