Start DscConfiguration - PowerShell


Start-DscConfiguration initiates a Desired State Configuration (DSC) configuration run on a target node. It allows for deploying and managing configurations, ensuring that target systems adhere to specified desired states.


Start-DscConfiguration [-CimSession <CimSession>] [-ConfigurationName <String>] [-Wait <Boolean>] [-Verbose] [-Debug] [-AsJob] [-ThrottleLimit <Int32>] [-WhatIf] [-ConfigurationArguments <String>]


  • -CimSession: Specifies the target node’s CIM session.
  • -ConfigurationName: Defines a specific DSC configuration to execute; if omitted, all configurations are applied.
  • -Wait: (Optional) Pauses the console until the configuration run completes.
  • -Verbose: (Optional) Provides verbose output, displaying detailed information.
  • -Debug: (Optional) Provides debugging output, useful for troubleshooting.
  • -AsJob: Runs the command as a background job, allowing for parallel or asynchronous execution.
  • -ThrottleLimit: (Optional) Sets the maximum number of concurrent operations.
  • -WhatIf: (Optional) Only displays what the command would do without making actual changes.
  • -ConfigurationArguments: (Optional) Defines additional arguments to pass to the configuration.


Basic Configuration Execution:

Start-DscConfiguration -CimSession myLocalNode

Executing a Specific Configuration:

Start-DscConfiguration -CimSession myRemoteNode -ConfigurationName MyConfiguration

Running in the Background:

Start-DscConfiguration -CimSession remoteSession -AsJob

Common Issues

  • Missing DSC Resources: Ensure the target node has the necessary DSC resources installed.
  • Authentication Failures: Verify the credentials used in the CIM session have appropriate access to the target node.
  • Syntax Errors: Carefully check the configuration script for any syntax or formatting issues.


  • Integrating with Desired State Configuration: Combine with New-DscConfiguration to create and deploy configurations.
  • Integrating with Azure Automation: Use Start-DscConfiguration to run DSC configurations on Azure virtual machines.
  • Integrating with Puppet and Chef: Use PowerShell’s DSC PowerShell Module to bridge between DSC and other configuration management tools.
  • New-DscConfiguration
  • Get-DscConfiguration
  • Stop-DscConfiguration