Set TimeZone - PowerShell


Set-TimeZone assigns a specified time zone to the system, changing the display and operation of time-related functions to match the time in that zone. This is particularly useful in geographically dispersed or multi-user environments to ensure accurate timekeeping.


Set-TimeZone [-Name] <String> [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [-ErrorAction <Action>] [-ErrorVariable <String>] [-OutBuffer <Object>] [-OutVariable <String>]


| Option/Flag | Required | Purpose | Default Value |
| -Name | Yes | Time zone name to set. | N/A |


Example 1: Set Time Zone to UTC

Set-TimeZone -Name Coordinated Universal Time

Example 2: Set Time Zone to Pacific Time

Set-TimeZone -Name Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Example 3: Confirm Time Zone Change

Set-TimeZone -Name Eastern Time (US & Canada) -Confirm

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Time Zone Name: Ensure the specified time zone name is valid. Use Get-TimeZone to view available options.
  • Unauthorized Access: Users may not have sufficient privileges to change the system time zone. Grant necessary permissions to allow the operation.


Combine Set-TimeZone with:

  • Get-TimeZone: To retrieve a list of available time zones.
  • New-ScheduledTask: To schedule tasks based on a specific time zone.
  • Invoke-WebRequest: To interact with remote servers using the correct time offset.
  • Get-TimeZone
  • ConvertTo-TimeZone
  • ConvertFrom-TimeZone