Set PSRepository - PowerShell


Set-PSRepository modifies existing PowerShell repositories. It allows you to update repository URLs, set authentication credentials, and configure other repository settings. This command is essential for managing and maintaining PowerShell module repositories on your system.


Set-PSRepository [-Name] <string> -SourceLocation <string> [-Configuration <string>] [-Credential <PSCredential>]
[-Description <string>] [-Enabled <boolean>] [-Authentication <string>] [-Proxy <string>] [-ProxyCredential <PSCredential>]
[-SkipCertificateCheck <boolean>] [-Force <bool>] [-WhatIf <bool>] [-Confirm <bool>]


  • Name: Specifies the name of the repository to be modified.
  • SourceLocation: Sets the repository’s source location URL.
  • Configuration: Sets the specific configuration file for the repository.
  • Credential: Provides credentials for authenticating with the repository.
  • Description: Sets a descriptive text for the repository.
  • Enabled: Enables or disables the repository.
  • Authentication: Specifies the authentication mechanism for the repository.
  • Proxy: Sets the proxy server URL for internet access.
  • ProxyCredential: Provides credentials for authenticating with the proxy server.
  • SkipCertificateCheck: Skips certificate verification when connecting to the repository.
  • Force: Bypasses confirmation prompts.
  • WhatIf: Shows what changes would be made without executing them.
  • Confirm: Prompts for confirmation before executing the command.


Example 1: Update a repository’s source location

Set-PSRepository -Name MyRepo -SourceLocation

Example 2: Add credentials to a repository

$cred = Get-Credential
Set-PSRepository -Name MyRepo -Credential $cred

Example 3: Disable a repository

Set-PSRepository -Name MyRepo -Enabled $false

Common Issues

  • Incorrect source location: Ensure that the specified source location URL is valid and accessible.
  • Authentication errors: Check that you have provided the correct credentials or that the repository supports the authentication method you’re using.
  • Proxy configuration issues: Verify that the proxy server is reachable and that you have the correct proxy credentials.


Set-PSRepository integrates with the following PowerShell commands:

  • Get-PSRepository: Retrieves information about repositories.
  • Update-PSRepository: Updates repositories from their source.
  • Unregister-PSRepository: Removes repositories from the system.
  • Install-Module: Installs PowerShell modules from repositories.
  • Publish-Module: Publishes PowerShell modules to repositories.
  • Find-Module: Searches for modules in repositories.