Set NetAdapterVmq - PowerShell


Set-NetAdapterVmq enables or disables Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) on a specified network adapter. VMQ is a technology that improves network performance by allowing a single physical network adapter to be partitioned into multiple virtual queues.


Set-NetAdapterVmq [-Name] <String> [-Enabled] <Boolean> [-Confirm] [-Verbose] [-WhatIf]


-Name (Required): Specifies the name of the network adapter to modify.

-Enabled (Required): Specifies whether to enable or disable VMQ on the adapter.

-Confirm (Optional): Prompts you for confirmation before executing the command.

-Verbose (Optional): Displays detailed information about the command execution.

-WhatIf (Optional): Shows what would happen if the command ran without actually executing it.


Example 1: Enable VMQ on a specified adapter

Set-NetAdapterVmq -Name "Ethernet" -Enabled $true

Example 2: Disable VMQ on a specified adapter

Set-NetAdapterVmq -Name "Ethernet" -Enabled $false

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the specified network adapter supports VMQ.
  • Check that the network adapter driver is up-to-date.
  • If VMQ is enabled on a teamed adapter, ensure that all adapters in the team support VMQ.


  • Get-NetAdapterVmq can be used to retrieve the current VMQ settings for an adapter.
  • Enable-NetAdapterVmq and Disable-NetAdapterVmq can be used to enable or disable VMQ on multiple adapters using a script or command chain.