serverinfo - macOS

serverinfo – macOS System Information


The serverinfo utility gathers and displays comprehensive system information for macOS devices. It provides detailed hardware, software, and network configuration details, making it invaluable for troubleshooting, system administration, and performance monitoring.


serverinfo [OPTIONS]


  • -a, –all: Displays all available system information.
  • -c, –cpu: Displays CPU information, including model, core count, and speed.
  • -d, –disk: Displays disk information, including details on internal and external drives.
  • -f, –filevault: Displays information about FileVault encryption.
  • -h, –help: Displays usage information and exits.
  • -i, –ip: Displays IP addresses for all network interfaces.
  • -l, –load: Displays system load average and CPU utilization.
  • -m, –memory: Displays memory information, including total capacity and usage statistics.
  • -n, –network: Displays network configuration details, including interface information and routing tables.
  • -o, –os: Displays operating system information, including version, build number, and kernel type.
  • -p, –ports: Displays open ports and associated applications.
  • -s, –security: Displays security settings, such as firewall and virus protection status.
  • -t, –time: Displays system time information, including current time, uptime, and time zone.
  • -u, –users: Displays information about logged-in users, including user ID and session details.
  • -v, –verbose: Enables verbose output, displaying additional information.
  • -w, –wifi: Displays Wi-Fi network information, including SSID, channel, and signal strength.


  • Display basic system information:
  • Display detailed CPU, disk, and network information:
serverinfo -c -d -n
  • Display all available system information in verbose mode:
serverinfo -a -v

Common Issues

  • Some options may require elevated privileges (root access). Run the command with sudo to elevate privileges.
  • If specific information is not displayed, it may be temporarily unavailable or not applicable to the system.
  • Network information may not be accurate if the device is not connected to a network.


serverinfo can be integrated with other tools and scripts for advanced tasks, such as:

  • grep: Filter output based on specific criteria.
  • awk: Extract and process specific information from the output.
  • Bash scripting: Automate system information gathering and analysis.
  • system_profiler: Provides a graphical interface for viewing system information.
  • uname: Displays basic operating system information.
  • ps: Displays running processes and their resource usage.