scselect - macOS


scselect manages and manipulates Screen Capture (screencast or screen recording) settings in macOS. It allows you to control various aspects of screen recordings, such as selecting input sources, capturing specific areas, or modifying cursor behavior.


scselect [options] [arguments]


-h, --help                Print usage information and exit.
-v, --version             Print version information and exit.
-s, --source             Specify the input source for the screencast.
-f, --format             Specify the output format for the screencast.
-a, --audio              Enable or disable audio capture.
-c, --cursor              Specify the cursor behavior during the screencast.
-r, --region             Specify the region of the screen to capture.
-t, --time                Specify the duration of the screencast.
-o, --output              Specify the output file path for the screencast.


Simple screencast with audio capture:

scselect --source display --format mov --audio on --output ~/Desktop/

Screencast of a specific region with custom cursor behavior:

scselect --source window --region "0,0,1024,768" --cursor hide --output ~/Desktop/

Time-limited screencast:

scselect --source entire-screen --time 10 --output ~/Desktop/

Common Issues

  • Screencast freezes or lags: Ensure your system meets the recommended hardware requirements for screen recordings. Close unnecessary applications or reduce the screencast resolution to improve performance.
  • Audio not captured: Make sure the input source includes audio and that system audio is enabled in the macOS System Preferences.
  • Region selection not working: Verify that the specified region coordinates match the actual screen dimensions.


Combine with ffmpeg: Convert or edit screencasts using the ffmpeg command-line tool. Example:

scselect --source entire-screen --output
ffmpeg -i -c:v libx264 -crf 20 output.mp4
  • screencapture: Take screenshots.
  • ffmpeg: Convert and edit video and audio files.
  • QuickTime Player: Record and edit screencasts.