Restore GPO - PowerShell


Restore-GPO is a PowerShell command that allows you to restore a Group Policy Object (GPO) from a backup. This can be useful in case of accidental deletion or corruption of a GPO.


Restore-GPO -Path <String> -Backup <String> [-Force] [-DomainController <String>]


  • -Path: The path to the GPO to restore.
  • -Backup: The path to the backup file to restore.
  • -Force: Forces the restore operation, even if the GPO is currently linked to any organizational units (OUs).
  • -DomainController: The domain controller to use for the restore operation.


Example 1: Restore a GPO from a backup

Restore-GPO -Path "CN=MyGPO,CN=Policies,CN=System,DC=contoso,DC=com" -Backup "C:\Backups\MyGPO.bak"

Example 2: Restore a GPO and force the operation

Restore-GPO -Path "CN=MyGPO,CN=Policies,CN=System,DC=contoso,DC=com" -Backup "C:\Backups\MyGPO.bak" -Force

Common Issues

  • Error: The GPO is currently linked to one or more OUs.
    • This error occurs if you try to restore a GPO that is currently linked to any OUs. To resolve this error, you can either unlink the GPO from the OUs or use the -Force parameter to force the restore operation.
  • Error: The backup file is not a valid GPO backup file.
    • This error occurs if the backup file you are trying to restore is not a valid GPO backup file. Make sure that the backup file was created using the Backup-GPO command.


Restore-GPO can be used with other PowerShell commands to perform advanced tasks. For example, you can use the Export-GPO command to create a backup of a GPO before restoring it using Restore-GPO.

  • Backup-GPO
  • Export-GPO
  • Import-GPO