ReportCrash - macOS


ReportCrash is a utility that collects system information and diagnostic data after a crash or hang occurs on macOS. It generates a crash report that can be used for debugging purposes.


ReportCrash [options] <path to crashed process>


  • -u : Specify the username of the user who experienced the crash.
  • -a : Set the path to the application binary that crashed.
  • -p : Enter the process identifier of the crashed process.
  • -l : Specify the path to a directory containing log files related to the crash.
  • -j : Generate a JSON-formatted crash report.
  • -s [on/off]: Enable or disable symbolication (default: on).
  • -i: Import crash data from a previous crash report.
  • -v: Print additional debugging information.
  • -h: Display the help message.


Generate a crash report:


Disable symbolication:

ReportCrash -s off

Import data from a previous crash report:

ReportCrash -i /tmp/crash-report.json

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure that you have sufficient permissions to access the crashed process or log files.
  • Invalid process identifier: Verify that the provided process identifier is valid and belongs to the crashed process.
  • Crash data not available: If the crash occurred in a sandboxed or protected process, crash data may not be available.


Combine with other commands:

  • crashlytics submit – Submit a crash report to Crashlytics.
  • xcrun symbolicate – Symbolicate a crash report.
  • crashreporter – Collect crash reports and send them to Apple.
  • syslog – View and manage system logs.