The RENAME TABLE command in MySQL allows you to change the name of an existing table. It is commonly used when the name of a table no longer aligns with its purpose or when it needs to be renamed for better organization or clarity in your database schema.


RENAME TABLE old_table_name TO new_table_name;

Required Parameters:

  • old_table_name: The current name of the table you want to rename.
  • new_table_name: The new name you want to assign to the table.




Simple Usage:

RENAME TABLE users TO new_users;

Renaming Multiple Tables:

RENAME TABLE users TO new_users, comments TO old_comments;

Common Issues

  • Table Already Exists: If a table with the new_table_name already exists, the renaming operation will fail.
  • Invalid Table Name: Ensure that old_table_name and new_table_name comply with MySQL’s naming conventions and do not contain invalid characters or reserved words.


The RENAME TABLE command can be combined with other MySQL commands for advanced tasks:

  • Renaming and Modifying Table Structure: Combine with ALTER TABLE to rename a table and make structural changes simultaneously.
  • Updating Foreign Key References: Use ALTER TABLE after renaming to update foreign key references to the new table name.
  • CREATE TABLE: Creates a new table.
  • ALTER TABLE: Modifies the structure or properties of an existing table.
  • DROP TABLE: Deletes an existing table.