Rename LocalGroup - PowerShell


Rename-LocalGroup renames local groups on the computer. It allows you to modify the names of existing groups, making it useful for organizing and managing user accounts and permissions.


Rename-LocalGroup [-Identity] <GroupIdentity> -NewName <NewName> [ [-NewDescription] <String> ] [<CommonParameters>]


  • -Identity (-Id): Specifies the name or security identifier (SID) of the group to be renamed.
  • -NewName: Specifies the new name for the group.
  • -NewDescription: Specifies a new description for the group.


  • Rename a local group:
Rename-LocalGroup -Identity 'MyGroup' -NewName 'NewGroupName'
  • Rename a group and update its description:
Rename-LocalGroup -Identity 'MyGroup' -NewName 'NewGroupName' -NewDescription 'Updated Group Description'

Common Issues

  • Access denied: Verify that you have sufficient permissions to modify the local group.
  • Group not found: Ensure that the specified group exists and its name or SID matches the -Identity parameter.


Rename-LocalGroup can be used in conjunction with other PowerShell commands for advanced tasks:

  • Get-LocalGroup: Retrieve information about local groups before or after renaming.
  • New-LocalGroup: Create new local groups after renaming existing ones.
  • Add-LocalGroupMember: Add users or groups to a renamed group.