Remove WSManInstance - PowerShell


Remove-WSManInstance removes a registered Windows Remote Management (WinRM) instance from the local computer. WinRM instances enable remote management of computers using PowerShell commands.


Remove-WSManInstance [-Name] <string> [-Force] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [-PassThru]


  • -Name (Optional): Name of the WinRM instance to be removed. If not specified, a list of available instances is displayed and the user is prompted to select one.
  • -Force (Optional): Suppresses warning messages and removes the instance without confirmation.
  • -Confirm (Optional): Prompts the user to confirm the removal.
  • -WhatIf (Optional): Shows what would happen if the command were run without actually removing the instance.
  • -PassThru (Optional): Returns the instance object that was removed.


Example 1: Remove a specific WSMan instance

Remove-WSManInstance -Name wsman-01

Example 2: Remove all WSMan instances on the local computer

Get-WSManInstance -List | Remove-WSManInstance -Force

Common Issues



Combine with Get-WSManInstance

To remove a specific instance, first use Get-WSManInstance -List to get a list of the available instances and then use the -Name parameter to specify the one to remove.

  • Get-WSManInstance
  • New-WSManInstance
  • Set-WSManInstance