Remove PSBreakpoint - PowerShell


Remove-PSBreakpoint removes breakpoints set during debugging sessions in the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE). It allows you to disable or delete specific breakpoints or all breakpoints at once.


Remove-PSBreakpoint [[-Breakpoint] <int>]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -Breakpoint | Specifies the breakpoint index to remove. | Required. |
| -Force | Suppresses confirmation prompts. | False |


Removing a Specific Breakpoint

Remove-PSBreakpoint -Breakpoint 3

Removing All Breakpoints

Get-PSBreakpoint | Remove-PSBreakpoint

Removing a Breakpoint in a Script File

$bp = Get-PSBreakpoint C:\path\to\script.ps1
Remove-PSBreakpoint $bp

Common Issues

  • Ensure you have the correct -Breakpoint index. Use Get-PSBreakpoint to list the breakpoints and their indices.
  • If you encounter errors related to permissions, ensure you have the necessary permissions to modify the script file where the breakpoint is set.


Remove-PSBreakpoint can be used in conjunction with other debugging commands in PowerShell ISE:

  • Get-PSBreakpoint: Retrieves information about existing breakpoints.
  • Set-PSBreakpoint: Sets or modifies breakpoints.
  • Enable-PSBreakpoint: Enables disabled breakpoints.
  • Disable-PSBreakpoint: Disables active breakpoints.
  • Debug-Script: Starts a debugging session for a script.
  • Invoke-Command: Remotely executes commands and sets breakpoints.