Remove Event - PowerShell


The Remove-Event cmdlet removes event registrations from a specified object. Event registrations are created using the Register-Event cmdlet.


Remove-Event -SourceObject <Object> -EventName <String>

The following syntax removes all event registrations from the specified object:

Remove-Event -SourceObject <Object>


The following options are available:

  • -SourceObject: Specifies the object from which to remove event registrations.
  • -EventName: Specifies the name of the event to remove registrations for.


Example 1: Remove a specific event registration

To remove a specific event registration from an object, use the following syntax:

Remove-Event -SourceObject $object -EventName MyEvent

Example 2: Remove all event registrations

To remove all event registrations from an object, use the following syntax:

Remove-Event -SourceObject $object

Common Issues

No common issues are known for this cmdlet.


The Remove-Event cmdlet can be used with other PowerShell cmdlets to manage event registrations programmatically. For example, the Get-Event cmdlet can be used to retrieve information about event registrations, and the Set-Event cmdlet can be used to modify event registrations.

  • Get-Event
  • Register-Event
  • Set-Event